About Us

Our team has decades of first-hand experience with barbershops across the country. We’ve had haircuts that made us feel like kings and chop-jobs that have made us want to wear a hat all day. We’ve seen people laugh, cry, yell and express an unspoken admiration within a barbershop. We know the shop experience well.

We decided to build The Shop when we realized how many of our friends were unhappy with their barbershop experience. They didn’t like having to set aside 2-3 hours of their day just to get a haircut and they hated trying to find a reliable barber when they moved to a new city. They were tired of opening their wallet after a cut and realizing they didn’t have enough cash. So we looked around the market and saw some early entrants, but no one was bringing the full package. We decided to fill the gaps.

This won’t simply be a business, The Shop will save you time and keep you fresh all while keeping you connected with your community. We have several years of experience working in non-profits, socially-conscious businesses as well as hospitality-focused environments. Welcome to the modern urban barbershop experience.